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Agony is relative in the eye of the beholder. How much pain may you tolerate?

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After a good two weeks without, the mystery of the missing plush — err… bomb, he meant bomb, Starscream had not spent resources searching the Nemesis for a plush, nope — was solved as the Seeker ransacked his own rooms in a fit of rage. Burning fury raced through his spindly limbs, only to be pushed outward in field and actions. Items were strewn across the floor, the few table surfaces overturned. And still, it wasn’t enough; the Seeker paced and paced and paced, around and around.

He spotted it at last, optics burning overly bright as his gaze landed on the white and red fabric. The plush was yanked from its hiding place and examined thoroughly before Starscream hissed in frustration. Oh, how he hated Knock Out with a burning passion….

A klik or two passed like this before the Seeker threw himself beneath his berth, muttering obscenities and miniature rants to himself as he curled around the plush. The anger faded into a roiling dismay, then a pulsing emptiness. Vents calmed, and optics cycled once or twice as he took in the destruction of his rooms.

He had caused that.

Starscream would pick up the pieces of his destruction after his recharge cycle — for now, he would remain in his hiding place, limbs wrapped around the plush form of his former friend.

Recharge never came easy. Why would now be any different?

Anonymous sent: The splits is when you put one leg in fromt of you and one behind you so they are both perfectly stretched out. A difficult feat...

{{ I see no point in performing such a thing; it seems more of a practice in ridiculousness than in practicality. }}


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F-16 Fighting Falcon
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F-16 Fighting Falcon


There was no argument or struggle as Skywarp was pulled down and adjusted. Really, the purple Seeker was grinning, wings fluttering happily behind him. For some reason, he was just incredibly happy, and wanted to spread that around.

The offering was eagerly accepted, although… he wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it. Skywarp placed it on his leg and poked at it inquisitively with a long claw.

It took a moment before Starscream’s words registered, and when they finally did, he gleefully replied with, “I dunno! Still can’t get in my room, don’t remember the code to get into the hall closet, all that slag. So, I figured I’d hang out with my best bro for awhile. That’s cool, right?”

An optical ridge rose as he watched Skywarp fidget, the dark wings fluttering just out of reach of his own wingspan — otherwise he might have been forced to rearrange them. Starscream was far too comfortable with their current, position however, and was loath to move just yet.

"You used your warp drive to invade my personal space… and yet you could not use it to access your own?" The words were meant more as a gentle reminder… or, at least, Starscream’s version of a gentle reminder. He didn’t particularly excel at ‘gentle’.

He picked up the treat and placed it back in Skywarp’s palm. “You eat it. I’m sure you’ve watched enough of your ‘documentaries’ to know what eating is, yes?”

voptothetop sent: Oh look, here's a temporary roommate. How did he get in? Warp drive, don't question it. Still, it looks like someone wants company, and he's more than willing to give it.

And there goes a portion of the given tea.

Starscream glared at the other Seeker for a total of two seconds before yanking the other down to a seated position and sitting down forcefully beside. The silver mech seemed intent on remaining steadfast in his mood, which veered somewhere between extremely annoyed and borderline grumpy at random intervals, while also keeping as physically close to his trinemate as he could, wings raised high and arms crossed before his chassis.

After another few moments, half of what the organic had called a ‘biscuit’ was offered (not all of it, Starscream had to keep some of it elsewise it wouldn’t be in the slightest bit fair).

He eyed the darker profile of the other Seeker before saying, “What are you doing here, anyways?”

Starscream retreated grumpily to his quarters, and locked them behind him; Skyfire had proven that he wasn’t going to show up any longer. Why should Starscream expose himself to unnecessary scrutiny if he did not have to?

In any case, the organic’s offering would be tested, although warily, sometime before he decided to recharge.


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