flight with relative ease

Agony is relative in the eye of the beholder. How much pain may you tolerate?

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Anonymous sent: ssO͜ EA͡ss͢ìlY o̴fFEŃDED? ̀sO̶ ̷F́R̕Àil, ̀sO ͘ĘÁSily WOR͝ri͡e̸d.̡..͞ do Y̡O̵U F͢E͟ar fOR͟ YOur̨ ̡oWN T͡Hr̀one̷ ͠sO҉ ̧D̶Eep͞ly̡ thAT ̶YOÙ Cann͘OT ͘E͟ǸJO͞y͜ i͘t͡?̛

{{ Oh, I guarantee I’m enjoying it~. }}

Perhaps a bit too much. Maybe humming and prancing down the halls was a bit much?

No. Never.

littleblueseeker sent: {{ Hi there, uh, Starscream? This is Thundercracker, a friend'a Skyfire's. He hasn't responded ta me in awhile, an' neither has the Megatron 'a yer 'verse. Ah'm just wonderin', is everythin' okay over there? }}

{{ Thundercracker, you say? You certainly don’t sound like him.

In any case, Skyfire has been…. otherwise engaged, and our lord and master has met an unfortunate end. I lead the Decepticons now…. And yet I have never heard rumor of contact with you and your kind. 

Since you have been so kind as to contact me to begin with, mind filling me in on the details, hmm~? }}

Starscream would be having a nice, long talk with Skyfire later. That was assured.

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School just started for me again, so I will be scarce on weekdays not that i wasn’t already

Sorry, guys, uvu;. Teachers decided to start off full-speed-ahead rather than how they were the last two semesters.


TFP doodles 3


TFP doodles 3


It’s hard to choose.. but I want to draw them so bad

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primeling sent: You're a shit baby.

{{ Among other things~. }}

Starscream will bask in this Earthen holiday.

Yes, worship his superior flight model. You know you want to~.

thesilverseeker replied to your post:..

Meanwhile Starscream will contemplate how the idiocy of their medic has anything do with his own competency. Just because Knock Out is stupid doesn’t mean he is.


Starscream is in charge. 

It will always be his fault.

Would that not imply that all the failures beneath Megatron’s reign were his fault, and not anyone else’s?

Do check your logic before attempting to match him, drone.