flight with relative ease

Agony is relative in the eye of the beholder. How much pain may you tolerate?

| #thesilverseeker


jessicabiotech sent: "Geezus!!! Don't scream!"


Anonymous sent: {Cybercat} Playfully bats at the ribbons on his heels.

Oh, would you look at that. They’re all on the floor now. Not on Starscream.


jessicabiotech sent: "Well take a look at your feet."

Behold the undignified screeching across the communications line as Starscream discovers, and then rips to shreds, the ribbons that covered his pedes.

askcrash sent: ahem. commander starscream. your, uh, stilettos,

{{ They are not stilettos, they are my pedes. Obviously. }}

ignoblespark sent:

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jessicabiotech sent: "Sup pinky heels."

What did she just call him?

{{ That’s not my designation, fleshbag. }}

Anonymous sent: *ties pink ribbons to your heels when you aren't looking*

He won’t notice for at least a few hours.

iaconarchivist sent:

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maroonwithenvy sent: Meme: Diamond symbol

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