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thesilverseeker whispered:
Unf //:P


If you snuck in my room I would:

[x] Kill you.

If you kissed me I would:

[x] Kill you.

You are:

[x] Hideous.

If you asked me out I would say:

[x] Kill you.

Can we cuddle?

[x] No.


[x] You have two servos.

Anonymous whispered:
*happily pets the starburst and nuzzles gently*

Anonymous whispered:
*surrounds you with energon cakes, blankets, and heaters*

He was just going to…. oh, you know…. stuff as much as he possibly could into his subspace. Before the others found out.


…. Okay, so he hadn’t managed to fit everything in there. A few cubes would have be left laying around the cell, as were one or two of the heaters. Yeah. They better not ask him to explain those.

The blankets were all his, though. SEKRET BLANKET FORT.


The Seeker had spoken and Megatron decided that he would speak no more.

Starscream had never and would never know Optimus as the Decepticon Lord did. The weakness that his traitorous second accused him of was one of his greatest strengths. There was little Megatron obsessed over aside from the Prime and he knew without a doubt that he was not enslaved to him. He had tethered himself to Optimus, conquered him, and the force that he and the Prime represented was not something to be reckoned with.

“Do not speak of Optimus as a weakness when your entire existence has been nothing more than failure and cowardice.”

Mercilessly, he kicked his SIC across the room, watching as he tumbled into the opposite wall, metal screeching against metal. Anger spent, Megatron turned away from the Seeker, not caring what became of him.

Starscream had fulfilled his purpose; the master was entertained. 


David Nicholls, One Day

Anonymous whispered:
// do you have any headcanons for seeker claustrophobia or flight deprivation?

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Anonymous whispered:
Just sayin': you're the best Starscream uwu

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